Frozen Coils – Repaired Or Replaced

Frost protection reviews through to coil replacements, we've got you covered through the winter months...

Frozen Coils – Repaired Or Replaced

A common misconception is that only heating systems are susceptible to frost damage, such as frozen coils or burst coils however, winter’s drop in temperature is also potentially very harmful to chilled water and run around coil heat recovery systems too.

As always, prevention is better and much more cost effective than the cure and some simple Planned Preventative Maintenance checks can save you lots of money. We check and confirm the operation of the frost protection strategy during our Planned Maintenance visits, please call us on 0161-877-4030 or Live Chat at the bottom right of the screen or Contact Us for more information.

Kool-it Services Ltd can provide:-

  • Preventative Planned Maintenance
  • Frost Protection Reviews
  • Heating & Chilled Water systems repaired or replaced
  • Temporary Local Heating & Cooling available
  • Copper, Steel or ABS pipework & lagging rectification
  • Replace old or tired valves
  • Trace Heating installation
  • System upgrades available
  • One call takes care of it all

The most common causes for failure in heating systems are faulty frost thermostats or improperly adjusted frost protection set points. In chilled water systems the common causes are incorrect antifreeze dosage or, again, improper set points on the frost protection control strategy. Another problem which is often found is faulty or stuck control valves, failing to let the frost protection methods operate correctly.

If the worst does happen and you are left with a damaged coil, rest assured that we can replace any make or model of coil for any Air Handling Unit (AHU), Fan Coil Unit (FCU), Chiller or packaged unit, with a fast turn around and minimal disruption to your business. In some fortunate cases the damage may not be too severe and it is sometimes possible to make repairs to the system, this assessment can be made on the initial call out.

We can also provide local temporary heating and cooling through our stock of modular A/C units to help keep your business operational.

We are able to highlight the cause of the problem and rectify or upgrade your systems to prevent any future issues from arising, including a full review of your existing systems.

As part of our repair works we will fully re-instate the systems, including pipework modifications, should they be required, and replacement lagging… Leaving the job tidy and complete in a professional manner.

In some instances the coils may be too large to replace in one section due to access constraints, in this case we can manufacture split coils to maneouver into position and modify any existing pipework to suit. For larger coils we can provide specialist lifting equipment up to and including crane lifts to get the materials into position.

Why not take the opportunity of the downtime to improve your plant? Most systems in older installations have been added to or modified since they were originally designed and this is a suitable time to make the upgrades you have wanted. With the systems drained down we can change old and failing isolation and regulation valves, including 3 Port or Double Reg Valves (DRV).

We can also supply and install Trace Heating to pipework systems and upgrade lagging to more modern and efficient energy saving materials.

Don’t delay – please call us today on 0161-877-4030 or Live Chat at the bottom right of the screen or Contact Us for more information

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