Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Keep your chefs on top form with custom designed canopy extract systems tailored to your specific needs with balanced make up supply air to keep your kitchen environment seperated from your restaurant...

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

We can design, supply and install bespoke commercial kitchen supply and extract systems designed around your kitchen layout.

We provide Brushed Finished Stainless Steel Extract canopies designed around your desired or existing hob layout, including back to wall and center island canopies and can include Make Up Air (MUA) within the canopy design or as a separate system to suit your needs. All extract canopies are equipped with baffle filters to remove grease from the extract air keeping the ductwork clean.

Suitable fans are selected for the application including design calculations to prevent smells transferring from the kitchen to the restaurant, all in line with DW172 kitchen design guide.

We can supply and install dishwasher condensate canopies to suit what ever size or type of dishwasher you have. Each canopy has its own dedicated condensate catchment tray built in with a suitably sized pipe work connection that we terminate into a local drain point.

Exhaust air filtration is a big consideration for commercial kitchens and we have the knowledge to control grease, fumes and odours.

We can also supply and install a suitable gas interlock control systems complete with airflow proving and emergency gas shut off to keep you safe and legal.

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