Forthcoming ECA Changes

From 4th August 2009, there will be major changes to ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance)…

Many units are disappearing from the ECA list of qualifying products and VRV combinations. The new higher requirements will mean as much as 80% of heat pump units on sale in the UK market will not qualify for the ECA scheme.

Daikin will, in the main, remain unaffected by the changes to the current ECA regulations:

Hi-CoP VRVIII Heat Recovery – 100% of range still qualifies
Hi-CoP VRVIII 2-pipe – 100% of range still qualifies
VRVIII small footprint – 50% of range still qualifies
Split and Sky Air – more than 35% of range still qualifies

Energy Labels

The new levels equate to energy label A:A for all Split and Sky Air combinations.
The new levels for VRV(F) are:CoP 3.70 and EER 3.30
(The old levels for VRV(F) were:CoP 3.40 and EER 3.00 – energy label B:B)

VRV(F) is generally so efficient that minimum CoP and EER levels, required for ECA qualification, are higher than for other product types. Only the most efficient 20 – 25% of products in each category are listed.

Don’t miss out

Products currently on the ECA list, which will not meet the new criteria, will continue to qualify only until the change comes into effect on 4th August 2009.

Product Category from 4/8/09
Heating Mode (CoP)
from 4/8/09
Cooling Mode (EER)
1. Air Source: single split (non VRF) heat pumps >3.60 >3.20
2. Air Source: dual split (non VRF) heat pumps >3.60 >3.20
3. Air Source: multi split (non VRF) heat pumps >3.60 >3.20
4. Air Source: split or multi split variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pumps >3.70 >3.30

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