ERP / Lot 10 Directive

From 1st January 2013, all air conditioning equipment up to 12 kW manufactured in, or imported into the EU, must comply with the ERP / Lot 10 directive for eco designs.

The regulations take into account seasonal cooling and heating performances, along with maximum sound levels for both indoor and outdoor units.

A new labeling system incorporating additional energy ratings of A+ through to A+++ must be included as well as details of annual or hourly energy consumption.

We will continue to offer our current ranges at existing prices until such time as stock levels are exhausted, thereafter, the newly introduced ranges will become our standard offerings.

Why is this change being made? The Ecodesign Directive for Energy Related Products (ErP), which affects any manufacturer selling products into Europe, becomes effective as of the 1st of January 2013.

The ErP directive is intended to lead manufacturers towards higher standards and to design in higher efficiency and taking account the performance of a system on a seasonal basis. ErP is divided into “Lots”.

1st January 2013 is the compliance date for air conditioning products under 12kW. All stocks held as of the end of 2012 are not affected but all new imports after then must comply with the new legislation.

ErP is essentially about providing information to prospective purchasing customers – providing clear labelling of energy performance of products. Importantly for air conditioning products this is based upon “Seasonal Efficiency” with specific emphasis on “Efficiency” and “Sound Power Limits”.

The majority of manufacturers haven’t released their price lists/product information yet for this, despite the deadline passing already, but we expect details on the new equipment shortly.

Customers should expect the new equipment prices to be slightly higher than they are currently – but they should also expect better efficiencies from the new equipment.

Stay tuned for more details!

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