Large Office/Call Centre Air Conditioning

If you've got a few dozen, or even hundreds, or people in your office or call centre this is the right section. Our systems can provide heating and cooling to create the perfect environment for you and your staff...

Large Office/Call Centre Air Conditioning

We understand that you’ve got dozens, maybe hundreds, of people to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We can provide the latest energy efficient systems which are centrally controlled from your PC or Mac, from a nice graphical interface, which will enable precise temperature control all year round.

We have the solution to your temperature problems!

Our heat-recovery systems are able to provide low cost free cooling or heating by moving heat around your building.

For example: one side of your call centre gets the sun in the morning whilst the other side is in shade. Our systems can recover the heat from one side of the office and move it to the other side of the office using heat-recovery products. Thus – always keeping your electricity bill down as much as possible.

Replace your old, inefficient, heating system with an up to date energy efficient heat-recovery system… The government will even give you a helping hand!

Correctly designed heat-recovery systems qualify under the governments Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme… See our download here for full details.

As this type of application is not straight forward enough to provide budget pricing on our website please contact the office for more information.

1. How Air Conditioning Can Increase Sales in Retail

The retail business is quite a tricky one with so many intricacies involved in the business. There is a lot that goes into setting up the right kind of retail store to make sure that customers are actually interested in picking up a product from your store. To begin with, you must have products that sell.  Sure, most products have a target market but some are going to be more popular than others. Similarly, the right kind of interiors, appropriate decoration etc. is all a must to boost sales. However, when it comes to increasing your sales, most retailers only look at the more obvious factors. There are other, perhaps, less obvious external factors that can help gives your sales figures a boost. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers Try to think of the last time you walked into a shop. How did it make you feel? Did it make you want to stick around for long or did you want to get out as soon as possible? Either way, you must understand why you feel the way you do. Most of us will not look beyond factors such as decoration, product range and sales representatives. However, do you realize that the very air you breathe can have a telling effect on how you feel inside a store? The air quality and temperature makes a very real impact on how your passer-by, could-be-customers feel and the likelihood of a purchase. And, an air conditioner plays a huge part in regulating and controlling the quality of air in your retail store. Odors and consumer attitudes To begin with, every retail area will have its characteristic odor/fragrance depending on the type of products, wall papers, flooring, weather conditions etc. Room fresheners play a significant part in making your store smell favorable but that is not all that there is to it. The right kind of air conditioning plays is important in making sure that the air in your store is well circulated. This will not only help you get rid of any unfavorable stench but it will also give your store a fresh and fragrant feel. One of the first few things the subconscious part of the mind notices when walking into a place are auditory (sound), visual and olfactory (smell) qualities of the area. If your customers get an unfavorable stench when walking into your store, light as it may be, it will have a negative impact on how they feel in your store. They may find a problem with your service, your product range or something else however the roots of these complaints usually lie in the more unnoticeable factors. In fact, customers themselves may not know that bad odor was responsible for this negative reaction but it is surprising how these little things can make a difference. With the right kind of air conditioning, your retail area is bound to smell fresh making it more inviting for customers. In a way, your customers will already be satisfied with a part of your services without even purchasing a product. This certainly plays a big part in boosting your performance and reputation as a quality retailer. Cooling and humidity controls to boost sales There is something about sticky palms and sales that don’t really go well together. It all comes down to how your customers feel when they walk into your store. They may walk in from the streets or directly from their cars. Either way, if they find your retail area to be too humid or even too dry for that matter, the results may be less than desirable. While high humidity is bound to get them all sweaty and irritable, allowing the air to be too dry may also not work to well. The key is to strike the right balance in humidity levels to ensure that your customers feel just right when entering your store. It is not always possible to get it absolutely right because not only do different customers have different comfort levels but they also walk into your store from different humidity and temperature levels. Keeping all these differing requirements in mind may not be practically possible for your air conditioner but the least you can do is pay heed to balance. Depending on your surroundings and temperature conditions, you can quite easily find the right temperature and humidity settings that are sure to keep most if not all of your customers happy. Last but not the least, getting the temperature of your air conditioner right is perhaps the most important things to help keep your customers happy and get them buying. While it is important to keep the atmosphere nice and cool, a lot of retail stores tend to chill their spaces a bit too much. Not only does this make customers uncomfortable, it is also a waste of electricity and will increase your energy bills which impacts your net profit. The right temperature is all about making your customers feel comfortable and at home. The right temperature will boost your own productivity You cannot think of boosting sales if you are unable to work at maximum productivity. There is a very direct connection between air conditioning and performance and this is a known fact in most working environments. If your retail area is too hot, it will make you and your employees lethargic and tire you out much faster. On the other hand, maintaining the right temperature will ensure that you and your employees are functioning at maximum potential. If your sales representatives and employees are comfortable, it is bound to reflect on their behavior and body language when dealing with customers. One cannot stress enough on the importance of a pleasant reception when entering a retail environment. At the end of the day, air conditioning is an extremely important part in any retail business. Sure, it may not be overly obvious to see the direct correlation but put yourself in the shoes of the customer and these correlations are bound to seem more obvious. Caring about how your customers feel when they enter your store is perhaps the best way to boost sales and something as simple as the right air conditioning can do wonders.  

2. How an air conditioner can help you sleep better at night

Sleep is a very important aspect of our lives and trying to get a good night’s sleep is critical for your overall wellbeing and even more so during humid and warm sumer months.   An air conditioner (AC) can help you breathe better and sleep better - It is a proven fact that people sleep easier and better in a cooler environment. This is one great reason to make the case for having an air conditioner in your home.   Without a peaceful and relaxed night sleep, the immune system of the body deteriorates and does not function efficiently. Without sleep it also becomes tough to concentrate having all sorts of impact on your professional life and other areas.   The first essential criterion for a good night sleep is the right bedroom temperature. The best tool to provide you with that is an air conditioner.  It can help ensure that you can maintain the perfect bedroom temperature that’s most suitable to throughout the year irrespective of how hot the weather is outside.   The air conditioners’ thermostat feature can also provide a pleasant atmosphere for you to fall asleep in and when even when you are in your soundest sleep, it can automatically keep the temperature regulated (up or down) to keep your body in a relaxed state and keep the level of moisture in the room optimal.   Humidity and Temperature Control   A good air conditioner can give you the right and the most comfortable temperature for your bedroom. It can keep the humidity that is just right for a pleasant slumber. It can lower the temperatures in the room, which can reduce or eliminate insects and parasites which otherwise could affect the quality of your sleep.   Extreme heat can cause a bad impact on the physical activity and the intellect of the person. Therefore, by installing an air conditioning unit and having a good night sleep, you can expect your productivity at work to go up which can help you further your career.   Many air conditioners can also renew the air circulation with the room and free it from external allergens like pollens. The ideal room temperature is usually 21º - 25º C and the humidity would be around 60-70%.   We hope you find this article useful in better understanding how a AC can help improve the quality of your life as well as your career. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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