Bespoke Systems

When an off-the-shelf solution simply won't do we can provide bespoke systems to suit and application.

Bespoke Systems

For areas where off-the-shelf solutions simply won’t do we have used FabricAir’s textile ducting system time and time again.

Please see below for an extract from FabricAir’s website.

The Advantage of Fabric Air Dispersion.

The Original Manufacturer FabricAir® was the first company to produce and market fabric dispersion systems.

Condensation-free and Hygienic One of the biggest advantages – and actually the very reason we even invented this technology – is that our solutions totally prevent condensation from forming on the ducts. Condensation problems are common on conventional metal ducts. Fabric systems also fulfill every wish for hygiene and aesthetic design, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.


Fabric systems can be designed to disperse air at such low velocity as to eliminate draughts in work areas.

Fast and Easy Installation.

FabricAir® Dispersion systems are quickly installed without any difficulty whatsoever. Savings of up to 75% on labour alone are common, compared to conventional metal ducts.

Easy Maintenance.

A fabric dispersion system is easy to dismantle for washing and maintenance. The ducts are laundered in a washing machine and the system is easy and simple to reinstall.

Cost Benefits.

FabricAir® Dispersion Systems are more competitive from a cost-benefit perspective, almost regardless of the demands made on the system and the conditions under which they are used.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) .

We use CFD – often even before the project begins – to show project managers and customers how the air will be dispersed in the facilities when the project is operational. A graphic presentation of the results visualises things like air velo­city, direction and temperature in any area of the facility whatsoever. CFD tackles very complex problems.

Customised Solutions.

All our systems are designed in close cooperation with the project participants to achieve optimal air dispersion and to ensure compliance with all specifications and standards in the project.


A fabric dispersion system is much lighter than a comparable metal system. FabricAir® sets the standard for lightweight, permeable fabrics and lightweight non-permeable fabrics alike.


FabricAir® offers unlimited options for tailoring duct dimensions, colours, offsets, elbows and flow models to include things like nozzles, vents, holes and fittings.

FabricAir® uses fabric for dispersing cooling, heating, ventilation or air-conditioning. The ability of fabric to disperse air provides ideal ventilation and a healthy indoor climate for the benefit of your employees and your productivity.

A FabricAir® Dispersion System is suspended from a series of aluminium rails or steel cables that are easy and simple to install. The system is designed for fast dismantling of the ducts making washing and maintenance easy and economical.

A FabricAir® Dispersion System is lightweight, flexible and adaptable for almost any purpose. For this reason it is ideal for indoor spaces such as sports halls, the retail trade, media houses – some of which make strict demands on noise levels – manufacturing industries, educa­tional institutions, commerce and, especially, the food industry.

Our ducts are available in round and half-round shapes alike and are tailored to fit ceilings, roof structures or end walls with ease. The ducts area available in a wide range of standard colours, as well as – for a surcharge – individually dyed or printed with logos, texts and promotional messages.


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