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Air Conditioning in Manchester

Too hot in summer?

Too cold in winter?

From a bedroom to a 20 story office block we can create a perfect environment for you, your staff and your customers…

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Refrigeration in Manchester

From a small back bar drinks cooler right through to a nationwide refrigerated distribution depot! Our experience is such that we are able to operate this way…

Service and Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Heating not working as it should?

Servers overheating?

System broken down?

Smelly unit?

Large electricity bills?

Whatever the problem – we can help… Our team of rapid response engineers will have you back up and running in no time!

For all your air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation needs in Manchester…

We are an award winning specialist in air conditioning installation, air conditioning service, refrigeration installation, refrigeration service and ventilation services across Manchester and the North West.

Who we are…

Established in 1972 we are a family owned business that has built a solid reputation over the years. We are renowned for quality of service and prompt responses to all air conditioning systems and refrigeration systems in and around the Manchester and North West area.

We also pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and have time-served directly employed engineers. We do not subcontract our air con installation or refrigeration in this crucial area of our business in Manchester and the North West.

In April 2014 we acquired the business interests of Gas Chillers (UK) Limited. Their long established, and well deserved, reputation for air conditioning services within healthcare sector is second to none.

As of June 2020 we employ twenty people; ten fully qualified refrigeration and air conditioning engineers with two full time installation teams.

Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner…

We have been chosen to become a Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner.

The Partner programme is the industry leaders’ way of promoting and maintaining exceptionally high installation and service standards through their network of Partners. Together we adhere to strict guidelines and provide you with an assured, uniform and professional service which you can rely on.

A benefit of dealing with Kool-It, as BSP’s, is that you will benefit from an industry leading 7 year warranty on Mitsubishi Electric equipment which is installed and maintained by us throughout the duration of the period. This is a class leading warranty which far exceeds other manufacturers offerings (most others only offer 3 years).

You can be sure of our financial integrity too as we have been vetted by Mitsubishi and as such we’re perfectly placed to look after your equipment for the foreseeable future without you having to worry about us not being here tomorrow!

Founded in 1907, Mitsubishi Electric is a forward-thinking market leader in advanced air conditioning to suit all manner of applications. Powerful and energy efficient, their systems provide the perfect means of effective comfort control.

Visit http://www.mitsubishi-aircon.co.uk/ for more information.

Daikin D1 Business Partner…

We have also been chosen to become a Daikin D1 Business Partner.

D1 status is renowned in the industry as a mark of quality, giving customers assurance of professionalism, training and accreditation that sets D1 contractors apart from the crowd.

This accolade shows the manufacturers confidence in us as a company and we hope this new accreditation opens the doors to new customers to whom Daikin is their preferred brand.

Visit https://www.daikin.co.uk/ for more information.

The right company for Air Conditioning in and around Manchester…

Choose Kool-It Services for your air conditioning in Manchester and refrigeration requirements and you will be in safe hands!

Having been in business for 48 years (with a combined 400 years experience behind us!) – our greatest asset is the knowledge and experience we have built-up over this time. This enables us to deliver a service that is specifically tailored to our clients requirements to ensure total customer satisfaction.

We are not tied in with any manufacturers and are therefore able to make independent, unbiased selections that balance effectiveness and suitability with budgetary demands: all as part of a total solution to satisfy each unique requirement of our client’s air conditioning system’s and refrigeration system’s needs.

If you would like a new quote or to discuss your existing air conditioning system, air conditioning services, air conditioning maintenance contract, refrigeration system, refrigeration services, refrigeration maintenance contract or ventilation systems please call us today!

The majority of our work is carried out within 50 miles of the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas including Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and Merseyside. We are, however, frequently more economical to use than contractors from the Southern Regions for jobs further south!

1. So… Who and What is Kool-It?

Kool-It Services Limited is a small, customer focused, company comprising of nine time served, fully qualified, refrigeration and air conditioning engineers. All our staff are directly employed by us - as we believe they should be. The only way to nurture good engineers is to keep them in-house.

2. What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

Kool-It offers all aspects of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering - tailor made to suit your needs. Most of our work is Manchester and North West based but we can, and frequently do as our rates are often lower than Southern contractors, travel further afield for installations and service work. Our maximum in-house job size is around the £250k mark.

3. How Can I Get A Quotation?

If it's for a new system or system upgrade please call Rick on 0800-035-5665 or 07895-500-500. If it's for a service contract or repair please give Paul or Clare a call 0800-035-5665 or 0161-877-4030. If you're pushed for time please fill in the contact form and we'll contact you or email you back asap - alternatively why not chat to us online (during normal working hours) by using the chat box at the bottom right of your screen?

4. What Kind Of Money Are We Talking About?

As most of our systems are tailor made to suit your requirements it's hard to give out accurate prices. Suffice to say that our systems start at around £300 + VAT for portable units, raise to around £999 + VAT for the smallest of the fixed high wall mounted systems - and then the sky's the limit depending on your application! Rest assured that our prices are all calculated upon a time, equipment and material calculation  - so the quicker we can install or fix your job - the less it'll cost you! In the majority of cases we can give an accurate, historically based, quotation for whatever job you're proposing over the telephone - so you can see if it's going to be within budget. If you're happy with the budget telephone quotation we can then proceed to a free, no obligation survey, and we'll provide a full written quotation. The majority of our products can be financed. We use specialist brokers to get you the best rates at all times. Subject to status. Contact us for more details.

5. After Sales Service? What Do You Offer?

We have a dedicated service and maintenance department that can look after any reactive or preventative service/maintenance calls you may have. Where required, subject to contract, we are able to offer a 24/7 call out service for business critical applications. Simply call us on 0800-035-5665 and speak to Paul or Clare.

6. How an Air Conditioner Can Help Prolong the Life of Foods

Food preservation can be quite a tricky subject especially if you do not know the science behind how different foods react to the environment and triggers causing it to go off. In the most basic sense, food left out in the open in high temperatures is bound to get spoilt. However, understanding how this happens provides useful insights into how an effective air conditioning can help prolong the life of foods. One of the most common reasons for food spoilage is the growth of microbes and bacteria in foods. For example, even if milk is pasteurized, it is bound to spoil after a given amount of time due microbiological activity. The nature of life is such that in normal temperatures, life will thrive in one form or the other. Similarly, even the ripening of fruits follows a similar pattern. The same enzymes that help fruits ripen and make them fresh as we would describe it later leads the fruit to rot and deteriorate. The same enzymes that bring fruits to ripeness is also the cause of spoiling them. Similarly, bacteria, yeast and molds cause many foods to turn sour and lend them a texture can be described as anything but appetizing. Microorganisms known as spoilage bacteria eat into foods that are unprotected or stored at an inappropriate temperature. The waste created by these bacteria lead to the foul smell that is characteristic to spoiled food. Using air conditioning and cooling to increase the life of foods Cooling food and keeping it in a controlled temperature is helpful in prolonging the life of foods. However, one thing you must understand that air conditioning or even refrigerating foods will only increase the life of any food product but once this food is exposed to higher temperatures (such as room temperature), there is bound to be some spoilage or the start of it. On the other hand, freezing foods can help you preserve foods for much longer but then there is always the question of freshness – whilst some argue that frozen food can be fresher, this is only applicable to certain types of food, fruits and vegetables, to name two. Most markets selling fruits, vegetables, meats and other food products need to use air conditioning to ensure that their stock will have a longer shelf life. Similarly, even when these foods are purchased and taken home, an air conditioned atmosphere along with refrigeration or freezing can be useful in increasing the life of food products. This is in fact, one of the only few ways to ensure that your foods remain fresh for longer. Finally, you must also remember that the temperature to preserve food products differ from one food item to the other. While air conditioning or refrigeration may be sufficient to preserve leafy vegetables of fruits for a short period of time, you cannot expect to preserve meats at the same temperature. An effective air conditioner or a cold room will allow you to have different temperature controlled areas making this possible. It helps to gather information about the life of various food products and use air conditioning and cooling for the same. In fact, many food products do not even give any foul odors when they spoil but they are harmful to one’s health nevertheless. So make sure you gather all relevant information on food products and their longevity under different temperatures before considering air conditioning for preservation.      

7. Why heat-pumps are cheaper to run than electric heating

Heat pumps are the cheapest form of heating. They’re energy efficient alternatives to electric heating systems like an electric heating. Heat pumps make use of electricity to transfer heat from a cool to a warm space, making the temperate space warmer and cool space much cooler. Heat pumps transfer heat from the cool outdoors into your warm home in the heating season and they move heat from your cool home into the warm outdoors in the cooling season. As heat pumps transfer heat rather than generating it, they can offer up to 4 times the amount of power they utilize.
  • Electric Heat Pumps
If you use electricity to heat the heat pumps, you can trim the amount of electricity you use for heating by 30 to 40%. You can also find high efficiency heat pumps that dehumidify better than normal central air conditioners.  They use less energy, whilst making your home comfortable throughout the year. Hence, they are cheaper to run than electric heating.
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
Geothermal heat pumps are more effective in moving heat between your home and a nearby water source or the ground. Though the cost of installing geothermal heat pump is more, it has a lower operating cost making it more cost-effective in the long run. This is because they make use of constant ground or water temperatures.  Geothermal heat pumps also last for a longer period of time than other models. How Much You Can Save By Switching from Electric Heating to Heat Pump? A heat pump can save up to 40% of electricity, when compared to a standard electric heating. Unlike traditional forced air systems, heat pumps do not depend on combustion to generate heat. They do not need a separate air conditioning unit to generate cool air. Both cooling and heating functions are housed in a single unit. Heat pumps move heat back and forth to offer warm or cool air as required. In winter, the heat pumps extract heat from the air outside the home and move it indoors. In summer, the cycle is reversed. Heat pumps do not need you to maintain several fuel sources or separate ductwork for each system. Their combined functionality helps increase their efficiency significantly. Nowadays, heat pumps come with various energy saving features, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs. Improvements in motor design and coil have enhanced their capability to cool and heat efficiently, whilst reducing the amount of energy required for their day to day operation. Compressors and variable speed blowers reduce the amount of energy required to run the system and make little noise, when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems. Generally speaking, heat pumps help you get £2 to £4 back for every pound of electricity you put into them. As they use the same process to produce heat and cool, they are also very reliable, various studies showing that air to air heat pumps run effectively for over20 years.

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